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  1. jokery's Momma Joke:

    Yo mama so fat I took her to a sumo wrestler fight ansd

    Yo mama so fat yo daddy Sa

    Yo mama so fat to daddy said r u gettin fat to be a sumo wrestler

  2. jokery's Momma Joke:


  3. Anonymous's Momma Joke:

    Yo mama so old when she farts she farts out dust!!!

  4. nicole's Momma Joke:

    Yo mama so old when she farts she farts out dust!

  5. nicole's Momma Joke:

    Yo mama so fat she has a real horse on her polo shirt

    Yo mama so hairy she has to braid her uper lip hair

  6. nicole's Momma Joke:

    Yo daddy so dumb when yo mom came running in the house she said it was chili out side and yo dad went running iut whith a bowl

  7. Kaue's Momma Joke:

    Jenn, I am Luna’s Grandmom and I live 100 miles away in Bucks County. You are awesome! Thank you for shainrg her photos on Facebook. I am having a hard time narrowing down the picutures Kristen will print for me but in the meantime we are loving viewing them and all the families that you have posted! Let me tell you how many of my friends and acquaintances are interested in you work. They want to inquire for their children and grandchildren I hope to give you some business near and far!

  8. Kousei's Momma Joke:

    Hey “Vonnie”, I put in the physiology ceaavt and if the shoe doesn’t fit, why complain? Can I be condescending to you too?But being in the military, I have seen and known many enormously bloated people lose the weight and keep it off by simply eating less and exercizing. Lack of self control was the key to alot of this. I don’t try to generalise, but when some people start crying about discrimination and what others think of you; well, thats life, deal with it. If you can’t lose the weight due to physiology, fine. Fit and fat is cool.But too many fatties use the “I’m big boned” or other cheap excuse rather than stepping away from the donuts and taking responsibility for their eating and excercise habits. Then they demand that they be given special status as some sort of victim constituency, and infere that the rest of us mean bigots for noticing that they’re fat. Do I really have to list all of the disease and health risks of being overweight to make the point?

  9. Carlos's Momma Joke:

    Love the pictures! Can’t wait to see them all! I eesaciplly like the one where he is giving me the look Jason and his looks! Thank you so much again for capturing our special day!

  10. Tyee's Momma Joke:

    The interesting point made thruoghout the book is that in the process of creating these technologies (intelligent machines) we are also redefining ourselves (humankind) in the many complex and dynamic interactions (or intermediations) that take place between both at multiple levels; and as the interaction continues it’s likely that the boundaries that separate humans from the intelligent machines will become less distinguishable. And as we become more permeated by these technologies it is also logical that our language will be transformed by the interactions with computer languages, but since this is not a one-way street kind of situation, our human languages are also going to influence the way codes are being developed. All of which will have many unsuspected results that we, as participants of this moment of transformation, cannot completely foresee. Although for the most part, Hayles tries to remain impartial thruoghout the book, not privileging the digital over the analog, or vice versa, there are a few times when she seems to contradict herself, such as when she discusses code in reference to speech and writing, emphasizing on one point that the relevance is only to be found in “the complex interaction generated when code interacts with speech and writing” (page 42, I believe), when in contrast to this, just a few pages earlier, she has stated that: “code exceeds both writing and speech, having characteristics that appear in neither of these legacy systems” (40).

  11. Anonymous's Momma Joke:

    Yo brother so dum he thought the 49ers was 49 pennies that were from the gold rush

  12. damon's Momma Joke:

    Yo brother so dum he thought the 49ers was 49 pennies that were from the gold rush

  13. Avuve's Momma Joke:

    I think having a mom like you would have been good for me when I was a llttie girl. My teachers simply did not know what to do with someone like me. Now I have a llttie boy in kindergarten and I wait for that type of phone call every day… I’m going to remember what you’ve done so I can use it when my time comes. :) You is a VERY good mama.

  14. Mohsen's Momma Joke:

    Angela – I am OBSESSED! With my baby, of course, but YOU are amizang! I can’t stop looking at these because you really did capture her many changing expressions! I love you!

  15. Diego's Momma Joke:

    Dank – Is it just me or is Alex putting on the pndous? The scale doesn’t lie people.Jocie awesome job on all of these photos you have really become a professional. The best photographer for the best nephew!

  16. Jeff's Momma Joke:

    I love this little note book clcuth. Did you see the Dundee sold at Saks for $10,500? UNBELIEVABLE. Just when you think the designer bag world has hit its peak, something unbelievable comes along. The regular notebook without the designer case is about $400+. So, for $699 we get Designer! The one above is sold at Neimans and at HP. I love it all. I want it all, and I’ll settle for slipping my little VAIO into my black leather Chanel clcuth bag and call it a day! HUH! : )

  17. Sakai's Momma Joke:

    LOL my parents aren’t as crazy about gtdgeas as me or my brother but they did like them The kiddies still a little young to tell but oh boy I’m going to have a helluva budget to balance if they do.

  18. Sergey's Momma Joke:

    Oh Bernie thank you so much for helping me frzeee this moment in time with Emmy. We had so much fun and you are just a pleasure to be around!!! I was looking at the baby photos you took last year and I have to say It brought me to tears. Unbelievable how time flies!!! I have been viewing my gallery of photos almost daily trying to decide I love them all!!!I will treasure them forever thanks again!!! Misty

  19. Brandy's Momma Joke:

    Wow! Great to find a post with such a clear meesags!

  20. Jazmin Logan's Momma Joke:

    Yo mama so stupid,that when she was gettin too hiper from soda, she went to Dr.Pepper for help. Haha! That’s an original By,Jazmin Logan

  21. pupdog's Momma Joke:

    Yo mama so fat that when she went to the store everyone said what’s up fatty

  22. tyler's Momma Joke:

    Yo mama so fat

  23. Kim's Momma Joke:

    Yo mama so fat when she went on a scale it said i want your weight not you number

  24. Anonymous's Momma Joke:

    yo mama So fat that when she walks she makes the whole universe shake

  25. curtis mott's Momma Joke:

    yo mama is so fat She broke the stair way To heaven

  26. curtis mott's Momma Joke:

    yo momma so fat that when she jumped in the ocean She Mated presiding Jump out

  27. curtis mott's Momma Joke:

    yo mama so ugly She mated the bums look fresh

  28. hjgvkjwbvhjbvku's Momma Joke:

    yo momma so fat when she jumps in the ocean the whales start singing we are family even know your a whole lot bigger then me

  29. Shannon's dad joke's Momma Joke:

    Yo dads leg so hairy he uses a lawnmower to shave

  30. arslasn's Momma Joke:

    You so fat

  31. Arslasn's Momma Joke:

    Yo Momma So Stupid She Tried Meeting Dr.Pepper At The Hospital

  32. Domo's Momma Joke:

    yo mama so fat her bellybutton gets home 15 minutes before she does

  33. meclaut unicatu's Momma Joke:

    Yo brother so eeewww that he scared the people

  34. jay's Momma Joke:

    yo mom so black she went to a night school they mark her absent

  35. jay's Momma Joke:

    yo mom so hairy people thought she was a men

  36. yo mom is so tell she make big foot look shot's Momma Joke:

    yo mom so tell she make big foot look shot

  37. matthew's Momma Joke:

    your mom so gay she spell gay back wored

  38. matthew's Momma Joke:

    yo mom is so dum she had 10000000000 but she that she had 1$

  39. Yo daddy is so bald when he wears a turtle neck he looks like a broken condom. This joke is funny's Momma Joke:

    Cecil hamm

  40. Your mom so fat that she broke the tv's Momma Joke:


  41. johnyhope's Momma Joke:

    Yo mama so fat She walked in kfc and the employee said we are fine don’t need anymore chicken

  42. SMILEY's Momma Joke:

    yo momma so dumb she sold her car for gas money

  43. Anonymous's Momma Joke:

    yo momma is so stupid when she saw a battery she said i got the power

  44. jade's Momma Joke:

    yo momma is so stupid she thinks that harlem shake is a drink

  45. adia's Momma Joke:

    yo momma is so stupid she bought tickets to xbox live

  46. adia's Momma Joke:

    yo momma is so black she blends on a chalkboard

  47. jade's Momma Joke:

    yo momma so dirty she makes mud look clean

  48. follow me on instagram's Momma Joke:

    yo momma so skinny she hula hoopson a cherrio

  49. jonathan clark's Momma Joke:

    yo mama so stupid she thought sports athrity was the police

  50. HANNAH's Momma Joke:


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