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  1. Nikunj's Momma Joke:

    Well if this guy is responsible and loves you and if he’s wiillng to take care of you and your baby then I woul d go 4 it!!! If you like him or if you love him then you have to show him a good time and he’ll forget about his baby mama Good luck girl

  2. Tan's Momma Joke:

    I have TOTALLY thought about this dunrig the show. I save up for manis and hairdids but they get them on the reg…yet can’t pay for their kids. Maybe this is all why they are on a show about getting preggers at 16….?

  3. Deepshikhar's Momma Joke:

    Hey girl,, You are doing a great job ofsquirling away stuff. Please, Do youslerf one more favor and go out and get a shotgun and a few cases of shells. You can get a nice little home defence set up for around $200 and feel a bit more secure.

  4. Samantha's Momma Joke:

    - wow. speechless. you cretuapd it all. i don’t know this family, but they are blessed with what you have cretuapd and at the beauty of their babies! congrats!October 24, 2011 5:17 pm

  5. victor yo mamma joke's Momma Joke:

    yo mama is so old that when she farts dust comes out of her but

  6. Samantha Rodina's Momma Joke:

    Yo momma so fat her fingers got cut off with a saw?

  7. YO MOMMA SOOO UGLY .......'s Momma Joke:


  8. Anonymous's Momma Joke:

    yo momma so stupid she thought a quarter back was her change

  9. tenlie's Momma Joke:

    Yo mama is so fat,she took 10hours to cross a mini Tv,I missed three of my favourite shows

  10. john joker's Momma Joke:

    yo daddy so ugly people said go jump off the herber bridge.

  11. lareta strokes's Momma Joke:

    yo mama so fat ha belly button makes it home an hour later than she does

  12. latera dunn's Momma Joke:

    yo mama so fat it took her 7 hours just to make it to her bedroom door to her floor

  13. latera dunn's Momma Joke:

    yo dad is so dumb he put a quarter in a horses a<s the horse kicked the <h<t out of him

  14. LaTera Dunn's Momma Joke:

    yo daddy is so dumb he got traded $1,000,000 for a pen

  15. latera dunn's Momma Joke:

    your mama is so dumb she thoght your dad was pregnent but it was actually a fat hippo

  16. wilinx's Momma Joke:

    ur mommy so ugly she gets 364 extra days to dress up for halloween

  17. kik's Momma Joke:

    it takes your dad 2 day like concret to get hard

  18. kik's Momma Joke:

    i slow

  19. Neshia's Momma Joke:

    Yo Momma Is SO bLACK she CANT see

  20. Jack's Momma Joke:

    Your mama so fat that when a lemosine comes by she yells Hershey’s

  21. keke's Momma Joke:

    yo momma so fat farmers look to her for milk

  22. Nate fowler's Momma Joke:

    Yo mothers so fat she takes up the whole street

  23. #martta-fredericr's Momma Joke:

    Hi, there is the question

  24. your mama's Momma Joke:

    your mama so fat she needs cheat codes for wii fit

  25. Lechelle yo MOMMA's Momma Joke:

    you momma so stupid she got loked in a furniture shop and sleeped on the FLOOR

  26. Anonymous's Momma Joke:

    yo mama so retarded dat she thought her ABC’S were here 123′s

  27. yo momma joke kd's Momma Joke:

    your momma is so skinny she holop with a cerio

  28. Anonymous's Momma Joke:

    yo mamma is so fat when she saw a bus with white kids on it she said stop that twinkey

  29. gcobisa's Momma Joke:

    yo mama so skinny she ate yo papa and the neighbours trying to get fat LOL

  30. Yo mom is so bold when she wears a turtle neck she looks like a broken condom. These jokes are so funney's Momma Joke:


  31. brooke's Momma Joke:

    yo mammas so young when she was born she had a kid

  32. buttlicker's Momma Joke:

    yo mama so old she looked in the mirror and and said who is that

  33. caleb's Momma Joke:

    yo mama so old she tried to play basketball and her hip broke

  34. Justin's Momma Joke:

    Yo father so stupid he Thought ABE Lincoln was the first president

  35. Kk's Momma Joke:

    Yo mama so ugly she had

  36. james's Momma Joke:

    Yo mama so fat that when she sat on the ipod she make the ipad.

  37. Smithb713's Momma Joke:

    Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your article seem to be running off the screen in Ie. ddkgeedfddbbkaac

  38. kevin's Momma Joke:

    Your dad is bold when he put his turtleneck jumper on he looked like a
    broken condom.

  39. Anonymous's Momma Joke:

    Your mommas so fat not even ghostface can see what her insides look like

  40. Anonymous's Momma Joke:

    Zaneils dad is so small he pees on his balls

  41. Ermanno's Momma Joke:

    What a wonderful ttiubre. You and your family will have these photos and memories to share forever! The photo is beautiful, your mother was very attractive. Thank you so much for sharing these precious memories.

  42. Malika's Momma Joke:

    Liz,I have to respectfully draegise. This case is not cold or stale as tips are still coming in. The case is not closed. Also, the last thing this case needs is Partick Mcstay. He has repeatedly lied about various events and evidence. His accusations about SDSO are completely baseless. He is incorrigible in his reasoning and has a flawed viewpoint on so many things. Patrick’s goal to bring down SDSO has eclipsed any action (there are very few) this man has done to find the family. As Mike once stated Patrick has misguided anger . I think that is about as accurate as you can get.

  43. Sigita's Momma Joke:

    That ing’shtis just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

  44. Franklin's Momma Joke:

    Puzzling. However, from the one episode of diareppaasnce that I watched, I didn’t gain any true insight as to what the law enforcement in this case believe. However, I find it strange when people change their birth name. Unless someone is a celebrity, it’s uncommon & typically people who are trying to escape a previous life will change a name. It appears as if the family walked across the border, but one would think that they knew there would be cameras & their identity could be obtained. This may be why they chose night time for crossing. It appears as if Joseph was hiding his hair & summer must not have her long brown hair flowing. The hats on the boys may be part of a disguise. The excess $ in the bank accounts may have been left behind for the family to handle unfinished business.

  45. Ann's Momma Joke:

    Your mama is so stupid she thought a TV was some illness

  46. fred momma joke's Momma Joke:

    yo mama is so stupid she thoughta piggy bank was made out of a pig.

  47. jw's Momma Joke:

    yo mama so fat, she jumped off a diving board and high fives Jesus

  48. devinkindle's Momma Joke:

    yo mamma is so old even the flinstones are younger

  49. grace m's Momma Joke:

    yo mama so poor she be asking oscar the grouch for food

  50. Anonymous's Momma Joke:

    Yo mama so fat she couldn’t drive her car

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