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203 Yo Momma Jokes in “YO MOMMA jOKES 2013”

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  1. awsome joker's Momma Joke:

    yo mammy so fat she went to the movies with her son to watch mr. pea body at the movies and her son said mom were here and she said aw man i came to eat peabodies

  2. COD Mama Joke's Momma Joke:

    Your mama so fat on COD when she gets killed the killer gets a 5 killstreak

  3. sooooooooooooo's Momma Joke:

    yo mama so stupid she died at mc donalds with 50$ IN HER POCKET

  4. Mamajokes's Momma Joke:

    Yo mama so fat she had to get baptized at marine world

  5. ninja's Momma Joke:

    yo mama so fat when she farts she causes global warming!

  6. GHOSTPUNK13's Momma Joke:


  7. Noah's Momma Joke:

    yo mama so stupid i told her christmas was around the corner and she went looking for it

  8. Yo Mama's Momma Joke:

    You mama sooo stupid… SHE BOUGHT TICKETS TO XBOX LIVE!

  9. thejokemaster's Momma Joke:

    yo momma sooo fat she made the elevator go down instead of up

  10. Anonymous's Momma Joke:

    Yo mammas so fat when she swears a grey swimsuit at the beach the whales call her nameYo mammas so fat when she swears a grey swimsuit at the beach the whales call her na

  11. Anonymous's Momma Joke:

    Yo mammas so fat when she swears a grey swimsuit at the beach the whales call her name

  12. Malachi Christerson's Momma Joke:

    yo mama so stupid she stuck a battery up her but it said Go Go Power Rangers

  13. To mama so black's Momma Joke:

    Yo mama so black she went to night school and got counted absent

  14. you should get this one's Momma Joke:

    Your momma so ugly she got through the mirror maze in 5 seconds.

  15. Dhyfdhgdbdbsdcvxsfs's Momma Joke:


  16. kylee's Momma Joke:

    yo mama is so hairy that Big Foot took a picture of her

  17. kylee's Momma Joke:

    yo mama is so stupid she thought seaweed was something that fish smoke

  18. kylee's Momma Joke:

    yo mama fat she tried to go to McDonalds she tripped over Wendy’s & landed on burger king

  19. jay/z's Momma Joke:

    your mamma so ugly that everytime she said breaking news she broke the news

  20. 209er's Momma Joke:

    your mamma is so fat that i walked around her once and the zip code changed…

  21. jay/z's Momma Joke:

    your mamma is so stupid that everytime happy meal from Mcdonald’s she thought it was happy hour

  22. luis's Momma Joke:

    yo momma is so fat that when she fell over a car she made it paper foil

  23. luis's Momma Joke:

    yo momma is fat she went to the car wash and they said no trucks allowed

  24. luis's Momma Joke:

    yo momma is so fat that when she skydived she caused a lunar eclipse

  25. luis's Momma Joke:

    yo momma is so fat she is denser than a dwarf star

  26. MARI's Momma Joke:


  27. Mari's Momma Joke:

    yp momma so dumb she thought she could usr batteries to save engery

  28. luis's Momma Joke:

    yo mamma so fat when she put on her green bikine everyone yelled godzella……….

  29. yo mammma's Momma Joke:

    Yo mammma is so fat she play hopscotch on the planets

  30. Anonymous's Momma Joke:

    yo mama so ugly .. wen she was in the birthing room in the hospital the baby went back up her mamas *****

  31. Tittytwister45's Momma Joke:

    Your mom’s breasts are so small not even Dora can find them

  32. da sun's Momma Joke:

    Yo mama is so dumb she try to climb mountain dew

  33. Funniest jokster's Momma Joke:

    Yo mama so poor she had to were her McDonald’s outfit to church!

  34. halarius274141's Momma Joke:

    Yo mommy so far that hwhen she said she wanted a water bed they through a blanket on the ocean

  35. best yo mama joke's Momma Joke:

    Yo mama so ugly, Bob the builder said I can’t fix this

  36. kaevon's Momma Joke:

    yo mama so fat that shes a map on call of duty

  37. anonymous's Momma Joke:

    Yo Mama so stupid when she got locked in the grocery store over night, she starved over night

  38. Hiio's Momma Joke:

    Yo momas super ugly that she went to the hospital mistaken from an sick patient with an ugly face

  39. az's Momma Joke:

    Yo mommas so ugly when she went to a haunted house she came out with a job application

  40. Like your moma's Momma Joke:

    Yor moma so stupid she yelled in to an involope and thought
    She was sending a voice mail

  41. JOHN's Momma Joke:

    yo momma so fat,she went to in n out but she couldn’t get out

  42. adowlat's Momma Joke:

    Your momas so fat her belly button gets home 15 minutes before she does

  43. adowlat's Momma Joke:

    Your momas so fat her belly button gets home 15 min before she does!

  44. Klom's Momma Joke:

    Yo mamas so old her farts are dust

  45. rdytytft's Momma Joke:


  46. boxfon.ru's Momma Joke:

    Yo momma jokes this mean should almost be outlawed. Thankfully they haven t – because DAMN are they ever funny.

  47. Adetola's Momma Joke:

    YES!! Im 32, and wish I’d started senviag when I was 18. Look all the booze, beer, and ***** will still be there later, trust me.Time magazine , Oct.5th 2005,- The Great RETIREMENT Ripoff, Yep, thats the title Millions of Americans who think they will retire with benefits are in for a nasty surprise.- How Corporate America Are Picking People’s Pockets-with the help of Congress. TIME Magazine-july 25th 2002- Will you EVER be able to RETIRE? with STOCKS PLUMMETING and corporations in disarray, Americans financila futures are in peril. Heres how to make the best of it I know they’ve been saying it for a while (50 years or better) but it looks as if social insecurity wont be around by the time you retire, but if it is, than you can count on at least2700.00USD/ month, Unfortunately, the cost of living will pace at over 5200.00USD/month. In fact the rate of inflation is expected to outpace more and more cost of living standard benefits provided by American jobs, so in order to keep afloat, more people are going to have to take part-time jobs, on top of thier already full-time jobs. Robert Kiosaki (authore of rich dad poor dad, cashflow quadrant, and perfect business) states you need to have a vehicle, to reach your personal destination. Take iti for what its worth.(Im researching for a book Im writeing)

  48. Vero's Momma Joke:

    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  49. Anonymous's Momma Joke:

    yo momma sooooooo fat that when she wear orange a giant gets confused with his lunch.

  50. Chupacabras's Momma Joke:

    I got one your momma so ugly when she went to take a bath the water said for get this I’m out of here

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